Vienna Bucket List

Yes, we’ve lived here quite a while but there are still many things in Vienna we have yet to see, do, experience, taste, admire, learn and share. This is because our city has so much to offer!
Here is the InterWien Vienna Bucket List.

 Watch The Third Man at Burg Kino: the classic thriller considered one of the greatest films of all time and set in post-war Vienna, plays several times a week, year-round.
 Visit the Viktor Frankl Museum: fond memories of reading his works at university, which blend scientific precision and faith in mankind.
 Get lost in the Maze at Schönbrunn: it spans 1.715 m2 and has a viewing platform at its centre.
 Discover the starry skies of Vienna at Urania, simultaneously improving our German as the programme is German-only.
 Finally go unearth a treasure at the flea market at Naschmarkt.
 Run (part of) the Vienna City Marathon: choose between the full race, half-marathon, or relay (16.1km, 5.7km, 9.1km and 11.295km legs possible) – distances for all!
 Enjoy a scenic drink at Das Loft at the Sofitel – or maybe indulge in a full meal.
 Overcome our fear of heights and ride the Riesenrad: we’re convinced we’re the only ones in Vienna missing out on the traditional ferris wheel.
 Seek to understand the often misunderstood Empress at the Sisi Museum.
 Join the Vienna Public Libraries and take the kids to borrow books: passing on the tradition of library book loans to the next generation.


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