The InterWien founders moved to Vienna in 2008, worked, played, explored, had kids. One day, we realized we knew a lot about this phenomenal city so we decided to write about the things we’ve tried and liked. We are an eclectic mix of sporty, foodie, artsy, brainy and cheery.

We’re here to InterWien (in a nice and international way ) to make Vienna a little more accessible. Everything on the site is an individual and honest write-up, with touches of humor and secrets to share.

We’re especially good at getting things done and we want to share our knowledge with you. Drop us a line, we are happy to be in touch.

We package information into no-frills bite-size chunks to help you navigate Vienna, as an expat or as a visitor. We are cramming this site with tons of practical tips and advice. You won’t find detailed write-ups on here: our goal is to quickly meet your needs so you can start experiencing Vienna now. Let our adventures as long-term expats ourselves guide you to:

  • Eat out
  • Play sports
  • Entertain your kids
  • Get a massage
  • Find a supermarket

And so much more!

InterWien is not an exhaustive list of all that Vienna has to offer. It’s a simple collection of the places we like and the knowledge we have. Plus, we love to link to other sites to broaden the horizons. Happy InterWien surfing and enjoy Vienna!

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